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TubeSynth (AppStore Link) TubeSynth
Developer: Ryuta Tanaka
Rated: 17+
Price: $3.99 Download


FRom the App Store: New concept of electric sound synthesizer.
A tube synth consists of several key wave forms which are smoothly connected.
Its shape is formed by key waves that are converted in polar-coordinates.

- adjustable Interval duration of each key wave.
- adjustable pitch and amplitude at each key wave.
- Variety of interpolation methods to form waves.
- Adding harmonics and subharmonics with weight.
- Adding reverb.
- Inter-App Audio support.
- Audiobus support.
- MIDI cue for Sequence mode ( supporting only cue to play and stop)

Some waveform with rapid changes in sound pressure could be damaging to your ears at high amplitudes or for long periods. Please avoid using earphones or headphones when editing waveforms.

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