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Triqtraq - Jam Sequencer (AppStore Link) Triqtraq - Jam Sequencer
Developer: Sebastian Schatz
Rated: 4+
Price: $6.99 Download


From the App Store: The inferace of triqtraq gives you the ultimate music jamming experience in terms of fun, usability and deepness.

Use triqtraq on your iPhone or iPad to:

- compose beats fast and intuitively, in a freestyle manner
- sketch out musical ideas on the go and improvise live
- get creative with sounds and your own recorded samples
- come up with interesting new grooves and patterns

* MusicTech Magazine Excellence Award *

“A composition tool that makes the most of the iPhone touch format. The interface is a joy to use. Superb selection of sounds included. We’re finding it hard to put down..” (10/10 stars)

* Computer Music Magazine *

“Impressively different… The live sequencing fundamentals are sound, and the polyrhythmic loop manipulation is awesome. Buy it!” (9/10 points)

* WIRED Magazine Germany *

“…brilliant lay-out of the sequencer… You can get a punchy track out of it in a few minutes. Absolutely recommended.”

* *
“Want to download the deal of the century? Triqtraq is an obscenely robust, loop/sample based sequencer that does so much, in one small little package, and costs so little, that you’ll want to buy it, now. One of the deepest sequencers that I’ve seen at this cost.”

Choose one of the 4 available sequencer channels and record a groove with the 8 available sample pads per channel. Or use step-edit for more detailed editing.
Each of the channels holds its own sounds, effect tweaks and amount of sequencer steps.

Tweak your sound with the advanced real-time effect automation: move a fader, and all your sound tweaks get recorded in the loop.

Use sounds from the included library with over 400 samples, or import your own .wav files.
Record sounds while jamming with the integrated microphone recorder, and use them in your composition instantly. All without stopping the sequencer…

Come up with interesting new rhythms by changing the speed and amount of sequencer steps per channel.
Do the same with the effect automation and be surprised by the endless variations you can get out of one pattern.

Switch between recorded patterns instantly, or make a song arrangement by adding patterns to the queue.

Sync two devices over Bluetooth and jam together with WIST Sync technology.
Open triqtraq within Audiobus or any Inter-App Audio compatible host.
Export your jams to Audio Copy and import them in other apps.


- create musical patterns fast and intuitively

- record beats live or by using the step editor

- automate all effects in real-time

- record/automate multiple tracks simultaneously

- specify the length of a sequence per track

- use the loop range to create poly-rhythms or effect variations

- change sounds while jamming
- store up to 16 patterns in one session

- chain up to 16 patterns with the queue feature

- switch seamlessly between patterns

- record your own sounds with the internal microphone

- WIST technology: jam together with a friend by syncing to another device over bluetooth

- export real-time jams, patterns or queues to SoundCloud, Audio Copy, E-mail or iTunes
- use the Open In… export option to open your recordings in apps like Dropbox

- import your own sounds via iTunes file sharing or Audio Paste

- Audiobus support
- Inter-App Audio: use triqtraq as a generator in Inter-App Audio compatible hosts

- Background Audio option in the App Settings menu

- use sounds from the 350+ factory sample library

Check out for lots of video tutorials and more information!


Programming: Olaf van Zon

Concept: Sebastian Schatz

Interface Design: Joerg Peschel

Sounddesign: Sebastian Schatz

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