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TF7 Synth (AppStore Link) TF7 Synth
Developer: Pier Lim
Rated: 4+2.5
Price: Free Download


From the appstore: As featured in Apple’s “What’s Hot” and #2 in the Music App Charts (SG)!
“..definitely one of the best sounding FM synths in the AppStore.” –
“Probably the most usable and easy-to-program FM synth ever, anywhere.” – thesoundtestroom
“Gotta say this is the best sounding FM synth on the AppStore that I’ve heard. ” – ChrisG
“Aside from some really great features and some great sounds, this app changed the user interface for actually playing music on the iPad. ” – Gitarzz

A powerful yet user-friendly FM synthesizer!
- Play music by playing shapes across the pad interface!
- No need for music theory – try it and you will see why!
- Comes with 20 high-quality free sounds!
- Morph pad allows you to morph your sounds while playing!

For the pros who want flexibility :
- 32-bit algorithms and dsp routines
- Inter-app Audio : use TF7 in DAW apps like Garageband, Cubasis and Beatmaker 2!
- 7 high quality FM algorithms to tinker with
- Access to every component in the algorithms
- 10 pristine effects consisting of Stereo Reverb, Delays, Pitch-shift Delays and more
- Supports Core-midi compatible keyboards like the Korg Nanokeys 2
- Works with Audiobus out of the box
- NEW! In-app purchase Expanded Algorithms bumps up the number of operators from 4 to 6, and the number of algos from 7 to 39, with 3 new added effects.

iPad3 and above recommended for maximum joy playing.

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