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StereoExplorer (AppStore Link) StereoExplorer
Developer: Gino Quaglietta
Rated: 4+4
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From the App Store: Would you like to hear only instrumental or vocal parts? Have a look at the samples on the app support site! This amazing app lets you explore the stereophonic image of your music library songs:

• visualize the instruments placement

• isolate (solo) or remove (minus one) instrumental or vocal parts

• on-the-fly processing of the songs stored in your device music library (no import)

results may vary, depending on the song stereo mix.

AppPicker review: “… a fairly straightforward yet wonderfully implemented app that allows you to isolate instruments or vocal tracks on your favorite songs without any kind of prior musical engineering experience … ideal for singers and musicians such as guitarists who want to jam along to a song by removing the lead track … StereoExplorer for iPhone and iPad looks great and definitely delivers the goods, earning it a solid recommendation from me.”

Featured on MacStories Black Friday 2014 Best Deals.

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