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Navichord • chord sequencer (AppStore Link) Navichord • chord sequencer
Developer: Denis Kutuzov
Rated: 4+2
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From the App Store: Navichord is a powerful instrument for exploring chord progressions. Play rich sounding chords easily on the harmonic grid; play along on the classic piano keyboard below. Every note pressed is highlighted for all octaves on both views. Learn chord names from the automatic chord detector.
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• Play simple chords (minor, major) with one finger from any root
• Play complex chords (sevenths, ninths) with just two or three fingers from any root
• Use the same chord shape for any root
• Discover interesting chord progressions
• Find chords matching a melody
• Find a melody matching chords
• Learn chord names easily
• Learn chord structure from the piano keyboard and play along
• Learn minor and major scales from any key
• Scale highlighting

MIDI support:
• Connect to soft synths via virtual MIDI (Animoog, Thumbjam, Magellan, Sampletank and many more)
• Connect to hardware synths and external keyboards via Camera Connection Kit


On chord progressions:
With the grid layout good sounding chords are geometrically close to each other. For example, C major is right next to F major and G major. Harmonically distant chords are further away on the grid. This makes it very easy to select a good next chord. For subtle chord variations, pick the chords sharing the same notes, for dramatic variations pick the chords a bit away from each other.
The harmonic grid makes it very easy to play chords. Major chord always has a shape of triangle facing up (as on the app icon). Minor chord is a triangle down. To play major or minor chords just touch the triangle center. The notes will light up and the chord name will be shown above the harmonic grid. Augmented and diminished are played with 3 touches on diagonals. Sixths, sevenths and ninths consist of a minor/major triad (one touch) + 6,7,9 or another major/minor triad (one touch), i.e. 2 touches. Same chord shape can be reused for any root note. The root is highlighted with yellow color.

On melody creation:
When you press a chord on the grid, the notes will be highlighted on the piano keyboard, so you can create a melody using those notes.

RANKING for paid Music apps (iPad):

#1 in US, Sep 17, 2014
#1 in UK, Sep 18, 2014
#1 in Singapore, Sep 20, 2014


“This is really a nice, simple, clean app. I love the way you laid out the UI and I especially like that single notes can be tapped first and then dragged seamlessly between notes to produce the chord, then back to another single note if desired. For what it’s worth, here are five stars… ***** And I’ll just say that given the price (and the future MIDI), this app will replace several other more expensive “chord progression lab” apps that I own because I think it’s UI design is excellent and perfect for my needs.”
- ZenLizard

“Find using the harmonic grid more intuitive than a piano keyboard, being able to press in the middle of three circles to get major and minor chords is genius. Experimenting with chord patterns and having the chord name at the top and the root and other keys displayed on the keyboard, is helping me get my head around more complex chords. Can’t wait for midi to be implemented and hopefully audiobus too.”
- mister-rz

“Downloaded the app when I read about it on dischord. I’m really happy…looks like a great app to explore chord variations.”
- Jonathan Paran Aran

“Read about it on Synthtopia. Bought it just now, love it already. Thanks Denis!”
- Dominik Assig

“Excelente app para aprender acordes y armonia.”
- R3dhood

“It can definitely be a source of inspiration.”
- Luca

“…it helps (when it comes to chord progressions). It is so simple & that is its value.”
- Michael L

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