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iGuzheng™ (AppStore Link) iGuzheng™
Developer: Supertintin Co., Ltd
Rated: 4+
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From the AppStore: Guzheng is a Chinese plucked zither that has a history dated back to 500 B.C. It is rich in playing techniques. The performer plucks the strings with his right-hand fingernails, while his left-hand fingers apply pressure to the strings to execute vibratos, slides, other embellishments and occasional plucking techniques.

iGuzheng™ supports many playing techniques as a true GuZheng, main features:

√ Record your songs, and songs can playback with animations.
√ You can share your songs (*.igz file) via iTunes or Email.
√ High quality stereo samples from GuZheng.
√ Full 21 strings.
√ Automatically play “Shake” technique (自动摇指) when touches moving on the string horizontally.
√ Pitch bend.
√ Vibrato
√ Tuning as any major pentatonic.
√ Two demo videos with music sheet inside.
√ Two display mode, “Actual Instrument Size” or “Fit All Strings on Screen”
√ Retina UI.
√ Strings’s spacing can be changed by zooming the scroll bar
√ iPod music can be playback in background.
√ The song files (.igz) can be play back on Mac, you can down load the ‘iGuzheng Player’ from the Mac App Store for free.

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