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Echo String™ (AppStore Link) Echo String™
Developer: Supertintin Co., Ltd
Rated: 4+
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From the AppStore: Echo String™ is an innovative harp app. with it, you can create wonderful music with more easy and more fun.

It has 7 partitions strings with different Chord Mask settings,you can just glide over and create music. you can even export your songs as MIDI file.


√ 7 partition strings.
√ Chord Mask(string mask).
√ Cool visual effects.
√ Record / Playback.
√ File Management (Save / Open / Delete)
√ Two playback-speed avaliable( original speed or dual speed)
√ Export as MIDI format file.
√ Share song files via iTunes or Email.

Include 7 demo songs

1. Bach’s Minute – 巴赫的小步舞曲
2. Canon – 卡农
3. Dolls And Dancing Bear – 洋娃娃和小熊跳舞
4. Jasmine Flower – 茉莉花
5. Past Life – 前世今生(新白插曲)
6. The Great Wall – 长城谣
7. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – 小星星
8. Love Is Blue – 蓝色的爱


1.Set Chord Mask you want to use for each performance partition.

2.Tap the recored button and start your performance

3.Tap any button(record stop play) to end record.

4.Tap the save button to save song.

5.Tap the library-button and select your song to playback

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