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Developer: Savelii Kaliupanov
Rated: 4+
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At first let me share with you awesome review from Jordan Rudess, famous keyboardist of Dream Theater. Thinking outside the box by Keywiz – Version 1.0 – Jun 8, 2014 Attention sonic explorers! This app allows you to journey into unusual and very cool sonic territory. Trippy, spacey, interesting and different is guaranteed. Unusual results will arise from Deregulator. Unfortunately there is not a working web link to the developer. I would personally like to contact him to chat. I love when people use iOS In interesting new ways. Check this app out! Oh- and make sure your output volume is turned up in the top right grey box!!! Jordan Rudess Wizdom Music Deregulator it’s a mini-processor of stereo effects with Echo, Delay and Reverberator. Input signal goes to echo and delay simultaneously. Then delayed and echoed signal lands into reverberator. All parameters of this effects may be randomised at once and some key parameters can be randomised dynamically all time. On output we have wide effects range from simple mono echo/delay/reverb and combinations to near granulation live when remains of sounds create nebula around original input and like morning mist its blurring and smudging sound into scape of something new, vibrant and beautiful (degree of beautifulness depends on what you feed in D). Delay just repeat sound pieces and size of every piece can be randomised, this chop and remix original sound into sometimes very glitchy, something new. Echo behaves like a usual echo unless you start randomising delay and feedback parameters. Reverb have three parameters, room size, damping and wetness of output. Off course all of them are randomisible. Randomising its a root of conception in this little app. How it sounds like? Lets walk together to the border that splits effects from synthesisers where only granular with live input lives and question this line, she is exist? You must play with it or go to soundcloud(tag deregulator) for examples. Attention! In current version by default enabled Anti-loud mode, for ear safety it prevents spontaneous volume rises. If you encounter some no-sound problem just disable it in Options menu. And always read manuals, Deregulator is not a toy, its a serious instrument in right hands :) If you have troubles – write me before review in store, i appreciate this move. App not so easy to understand now, but after update it become more clear and logic. Go to look at instruction and detailed description on Feature list: + Three linked effect module (Echo, Delay and Reverb) + Randomisers for every parameters of this effects + Ability to randomise all parameters at once + Recording of affected audio to wav + Share files to iTunes, AudioCopy 2, AudioShare + Audiobus of course + 25 non-factory presets slots + Stereo/mono Coming soon: + Universal app(Yeah, download once and run everywhere) + Audiobus 2 and all slots + IAA + New reverb control – damping frequency + Deeper randomisations for tempo (subdivision randomiser) + MIDI (input and clock) Tested on iPhone 4s(iOS 6&7), iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPad 2, iPad New and iPod touch 4. And i don’t recommend run this app on something lower then 4s. On iPod4 lag is too big, Deregulator need ~100mb ram and more power in heart. iPhone 4s/iPod5 is recommended as low line to work comfortably.

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