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Composer's Sketchpad (AppStore Link) Composer's Sketchpad
Developer: Alexei Baboulevitch
Rated: 4+
Price: $5.49 Download


From the App Store: Jot down musical notes with your fingers or the Apple Pencil and hear them come to life! Composer’s Sketchpad lets you create music in a visual and intuitive way, minimizing the time and effort needed to invent new melodies, experiment with musical ideas, or simply give life to the sounds rattling around inside your head. Composer’s Sketchpad has no limits placed on meter or pitch: sketch out bendy guitar solos and mind-boggling polyrhythms with almost no effort — or snap to the grid if you want to play it safe. There’s no mess of knobs or controls to get in your way. It’s what sheet music always wanted to be!

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