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Developer: Riccardo Fregonese
Rated: 4+
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From the App Store: “The first intelligent database that precisely tells the chord your fingers are playing!”

From the collaboration between Walter Lupi, esteemed acoustic guitarist with more than 30 years of international career, and Riccardo Fregonese, iOs developer already known for Massimo Varini apps, here’s an app one more time designed for all the guitarists, from the beginners to the professionals.

With ChordsMAP you’ll have in your pocket a fantastic chord recognizing tool, together with detailed didactic sections, designed for you by Walter Lupi.

You’ll find:

a Chords area,
in which you’ll be able to explore all the possible chords: 77 types, from “Major” to Δ/6/9/#11, a total of about 2500 possible chords.
In vertical position, the tool lets you explore all the chords you can make using the 5 forms belonging to EDCAG system, while in horizontal orientation the fretboard becomes a chord recognition algorithm: you will directly put your fingers on the virtual fretboard and the system will be able to identify which chord you are doing, including slash chords!

*** TIP: you can configure what chords families have to be proposed with the “Settings” page.

a Tutor area,
containing the study of the EDCAG system, the living core of this app, and the section dedicated to Applied-Harmony, a theoretical and practical itinerary in support of the virtual fretboard and the mini-course, created to discover and learn what happens harmonically under your fingers while playing guitar.

*** TIP: to show/hide the navigable index just shake your device or use a long tap.

An app suggested to all the guitarists, beginners and not, that in one hand contains all the possible chords configurations and in the other, differently from all the other similar apps, offers the possibility to control all this information, because it’s organized in a clear schema that clarifies when and how to use a certain position for a chord. In addition, the automatic chord recognition allows the expert music professionals to experiment new figures with the immediate information on the chord name and all the grades currently played.

To suggest to all the colleagues and students, to benefit at a very low cost from 30 years of experience on stage and in classes fitted in a simple app, that hides a complete and well organized database and a sophisticated chord recognition engine, the very first one released in a mobile app.

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